Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's so Funny Honey?

Hi Hi!
With the last few scary dry winters we have gone through here in Northern California, drying and chapping of the skin has been a concern for many people. As a Holiday Treat, the Lip Thingies were born. Local Honey and Beeswax from Marshall Farms in American Canyon, Ca, Essential Oils and Organic Coconut Oil were used to sooth the lip needs. The Lip Thingies specialty boxes were co-designed myself and dbclunie designs and custom made with a 3-D printer. 

Honey and Beeswax

Liquid Gold

Cooling down

Lip Thingies are available in my Etsy store or through me, in Sweet Orange Dreams, Cinnamon Burning Love and Pepperminty Chill Out. 
Next to add to the Lip Thingie Family, Peppermint Lemon Chill Lip Buff. A super, sugary sweet, yet moisturizing way to exfoliate your kisser before you apply your favorite Lip Thingie. 

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